Shawn Spears Challenges Cody, Aligns With Tully Blanchard

Shawn Spears has aligned with Tully Blanchard and challenged Cody for All Out.

Shawn Spears Jim Ross Tully Blanchard

Shawn Spears cut a scheduled sit-down interview with Jim Ross short recently. Spears was being interviewed by Jim Ross as part of an episode of AEW’s Road to All Out on YouTube.

“He’s a leach,” Spears said of Cody when asked about their time together in OVW. “It started in OVW, it started with me.”

Spears then said he taught Cody to wrestle before Cody moved on to leaching off of others.

“When that ran its course, he moved on to bigger and better things,” Spears continued. “Bob Holly, Ted Dibiase Jr, Damien Sandow, where are those guys now?”

Calling Spears “A Good Hand”

During the interview, Spears suggested he was offended that Cody referred to him as “a good hand” as the label has negative connotations in pro-wrestling.

“There are certain things that people in regular life you’re just not supposed to do,” Spears said. “There’s certain things you don’t say publicly. You don’t call a woman the c-word, you don’t tell kids that Santa Claus isn’t real.”

“In the wrestling industries there are certain terms and certain things you also don’t say, especially within your core group,” he continued. “Cody crossed the line and I think you know what I’m talking about.”

“It’s the curse of this industry to be called ‘a good hand.'”

JR asked Spears if he was confident Cody would accept his challenge for All Out. Spears answered that he knows Cody will accept because he’s a Rhodes.

Aligning With Tully Blanchard

Spears then said he’s got an ace up his sleeve and with that Tully Blanchard entered the shot and informed JR the itnerview was over.