Shawn Spears Compares Working For WWE And AEW

Shawn Spears reveals the difference between WWE and AEW locker room

Shawn Spears
Shawn Spears

AEW star Shawn Spears recently gave an interview to Chris Van Vliet where he talked about things like his infamous chair shot to Cody Rhodes at Fyter Fest, whether the chair was gimmicked and more.

During the interview, the former NXT star was asked what is the biggest difference in AEW compared to his time in WWE when it comes to the day to day stuff.

Answering the question, Spears explained that the biggest difference is that the talents are very relaxed at AEW shows and the locker rooms are almost empty during the day because people are excited to wrestle:

“The biggest difference is that it’s very relaxed,” explained Shawn. “A lot of the talent is out by the ring, the locker rooms are almost empty during the day. Like people are having fun, they are excited to wrestle.

I don’t know how it is in the WWE or NXT at the moment but there was a time when I was still in WWE where a lot of the people would stay in the locker room until they had to go and do their matches cause they would try to avoid certain other aspects of the company or other people of the company.” (Transcription:

Spears continued by acknowledging that they are still a new company and they still need to iron out some things. But the All Elite Wrestling star said that everyone at the promotion is really enjoying themselves.

Apart from this, Shawn Spears recalled how he was petrified when he originally decided to leave WWE and revealed how his pairing with Tully Blanchard came about. You can check out his full interview in the video below: