Sheamus Addresses Retirement Rumors

Sheamus has addressed the retirement speculation since his injury, and has revealed championship aspirations if he were to return.

Sheamus (Photo: WWE)

During a recent international promotional tour for WWE, Sheamus participated in a Q+A session in Manila, Philippines. This was done to promote WWE Live Events taking place in the country in September. 

During the Q+A session itself, Sheamus was asked about the retirement rumors that have been circulating him since his injury forced him out of in-ring action. 

“I don’t know what the story is in my future,” Sheamus admitted. “I have no idea, I honestly don’t. I just know that I like have some time off, but I do miss being in the ring.”

Grand Slam Goals

If The Celtic Warrior does return, he already has an opponent in mind. He also has clear championship aspirations. 

The Superstar he would love to face off against is none other than The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. The championship? The Intercontinental title. 

“If I get back to the ring, that would be the first thing I would go after. As of now I am still listed as a SmackDown superstar and the title is on SmackDown. But as of now, I have no access to the title but its definitely the one I want,” he explained.

The Intercontinental championship is the only one to have eluded Sheamus during his tenure in WWE. If he were to win the Intercontinental champion, the victory would see him become a WWE Grand Slam champion.