Sheamus Comments On His Injury Status and Recovery

Sheamus appeared on "WWE After the Bell" with Corey Graves recently.

Sheamus. Image Credit:

On Smackdown this week, Sheamus returned in a backstage vignette. The former WWE Champion has not wrestled a match since the April 9th, 2019 version of Smackdown. There have been many rumors regarding the health of the 41-year-old, including reports he has been dealing with spinal stenosis.

Sheamus appeared on Corey Graves’ “After the Bell” podcast and addressed his injury status and recovery.

“I think everyone on the main roster is dealing with injuries,” Sheamus said on the show. “There’s definitely been a lot with me, obviously my neck was one of those rumors but honestly Corey, the last 7 months being off, I’ve used it really, really well.”

He continued to talk about some traveling he’s done during his time off.

“Time off is great, you know? A little bit of time off can definitely help heal the body,” he continued. He then mentioned his Celtic Workouts YouTube channel and how much that channel has helped him in his training.

“Honestly mate, I’ve never felt better,” Sheamus said. “I feel better now than I did 10 years ago.”

The full interview with Sheamus can be listened to in the player below: