Former Champion Finally Returning To WWE

One of the most exciting announcements WWE made in the initial days of 2016 Brand Extension was the return of former WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin.

Unfortunately, the announced return never took place because Benjamin had a torn rotator cuff. It required him to undergo surgery which put him on the shelf for about 8 months.

He got medically cleared for his in ring return back in March this year. However, he revealed afterwards that he never officially signed a contract with WWE, putting a huge question mark on his status.

After staying a ‘Free Agent’ even after months of being medically cleared, many believed that his return may never happen, but thankfully, that’s not the case.

We noted before how Shelton started negotiating with WWE again recently and now PWInsider is reporting that the former US Champion has officially signed a contract with the company.

Though no further details have been released about his new contract and it’s not known when or where the former WWE Star will make his official return.

What WWE has in store for the former Champion is not revealed either so it’s unclear whether he will join the SmackDown roster upon his return as originally planned or end up on the Raw roster instead.