Latest WWE Signee Spotted In New York, Possibly Appearing At SmackDown Tonight

Shelton Benjamin

We noted before how former WWE United States Champion Shelton Benjamin reportedly signed a deal with WWE just recently after a year full of rumours.

Benjamin was originally supposed to sign a contract back in 2016 and WWE even started airing promos for his return to the SmackDown Brand following Brand Split.

However, his return plans were nixed when he suffered an injury which put him out of action for 8 months. After he was medically cleared it was revealed that he hadn’t signed a deal with the company.

According to multiple sources, Benjamin was spotted arriving in New York late Monday afternoon. Since it was revealed that he has signed a new deal with the company, it has been rumoured that the Former Champion be will be joining the SmackDown Brand as originally planned.

While not confirmed it’s possible that we may see him making his surprise return to WWE Programming during tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live.

It’s worth mentioning here that according to reports, former NXT Champion Bobby Roode is also expected to be called up to the main roster soon. He is rumoured to join the SmackDown Brand, and it shouldn’t be a surprise if he shows up at tonight’s show too.