Shogun’s Brother Ninja Speaks On What Went Wrong At UFC 128

Murilo “Ninja” Rua recently spoke on his brother, and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and his bout at UFC 128. Ninja explained where things went wrong for Shogun in the first round following a ground to standing transition that ended with Shogun getting kneed in the face and then kicked in the head by Jon Jones.

“I was very surprised with (Jones’) game, Shogun trained a lot and Jones was able to neutralize [his] game, I think he studied Shogun’s game a lot, so congrats to him. Shogun now needs to go back to Brazil and analyze the fight, see what went wrong and go from there. I think (Jones) has a brilliant future ahead of him, he’s a very young athlete, but in this weight class I think it’s very hard. People don’t seem to be able to keep the title for more than one fight. Everyone wins and then loses the belt so it’s a very tough weight class and there are a lot of great fighters, so we’ll see. He’s a young guy and will stay strong going forward, but Shogun will be able to make a strong comeback, for sure. I think (what went wrong during the fight) was the very first strikes Jones landed on Shogun, that knee and the head kick, may have taken his gas away.”