Silas Young Defines What It Means To Be A ‘Real Man’

ROH star Silas Young

Channelling a gritty, old-school mentality, Ring Of Honor’s Silas Young purports to be the ‘Last Real Man’ in pro wrestling.

Speaking with the WINCLY podcast, Young offered his opinion on what defines a ‘real man’ in this day and age.

“It means to stick to your guns,” he explained. “When you make a decision, [you] make a decision and stand by it. Don’t back-pedal. Stand up for what you believe in.”

He does note during the interview, however, that your core beliefs should not hurt others, and stresses the importance of remaining true and positive for yourself.

“[Being a ‘real man’] also means that realizing what you believe and what you stand for, is something that’s not hurting other people, that you’re doing something for yourself,” he extrapolated. “It’s just basically being a good person and standing by your word.”

Silas Young has made a name for himself within Ring Of Honor as a brash throwback to a time when men would say little but could hit hard, if needed. Gruff, to the point, and prone to brawling rather than talking.

Young was previously aligned with the Beer City Bruiser and, for a short time, Brian Milanos before distancing himself from them as he continues to climb the ROH rankings.

What do you think of Silas’ take on what it means to be a ‘real man’? Agree or disagree? Do you think ‘The Last Real Man’ gimmick works in 2018?