Sin Cara Asks For His Release From WWE

Sin Cara has publicly asked WWE for his release.

Sin Cara
Sin Cara

Sin Cara has asked for his release from WWE. Real-name Jorge Arias, the 42-year-old has portrayed the Sin Cara gimmick since 2013. The character had previously been played by the luchador better known as Mistico or Carstico.

Sin Cara posted the following to social media earlier today:

Sin Cara is the latest WWE Superstar to go public with his request for a release. Over the past several months, Luke Harper and Mike Kanellis have done the same, yet both men remain under contract.

Sin Cara Asks For His WWE Release

“Last night, after much consideration and prayer, thinking about my kids and their future, I made one of the toughest decisions but most sensible that I could have made in my professional wrestling career; I have asked WWE for my release,” Sin Cara began his statement with.

He then noted that he feels trapped in his current position on the WWE roster.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity I was given, however, I’ve noticed that I’m trapped in a place where I’m not valued as an athlete or talent. I’ve worked hard and honestly, throughout many years pulling my weight, I’ve been loyal, respectful, a team player, a supporter and I’ve waited patiently for an opportunity to show the world all that I can do. Unfortunately, after all these years, that opportunity never came and I feel like that will never come so long as I stay in the spot that I am.”

You can read the full translated statement below: