GFW Star Reveals Why He Rejected An Offer From WWE

GFW Impact Wrestling

Last year when WWE was hiring several former TNA performers amidst the company’s financial crisis, there were still some stars who decided to remain with the company through its most uncertain times. One such star who made the decision to return to the company now known as GFW despite having an offer from WWE is the Indo-American professional wrestler Sonjay Dutt.

During his recent Interview with Wrestlinginc, Dutt spoke up about his decision to choose GFW over WWE and revealed the reason behind his move.

According to the GFW star, he has to put his family first while making any serious decisions in his life and it was also an important reason behind it among other things:

“A lot of factors played into that, I’m 35, I’ve got a wife, I’ve got two kids and I’ve got a family that I have to put first before my decisions in life. That took a good chunk of the decision-making process, what is best for them. You know, uprooting my family and two young children, that was a huge part of it.”

In previous interviews, Dutt has also mentioned that his relationship with the GFW founder Jeff Jarret was also a reason for his GFW return.

It’s worth noting here that Sonjay Dutt worked as a guest trainer at WWE Performance Centre last year and he was later offered a contract by the company.

Though he rejected the offer and signed with GFW as a full-time producer instead. He later also made his in ring return for the company and became the X-Division Champion for the first time during the recent GFW tour of India.