Sonya Deville On Charlotte Flair Getting More Opportunities In WWE Due To Her Name

Sonya Deville believes she would be as big if given the same opportunities

Sonya Deville
Sonya Deville

Charlotte Flair has been a polarising figure since her debut in WWE. Many fans believe that she is given more opportunities than others due to her last name and WWE star Sonya Deville recently revealed her thoughts on the matter.

The former NXT star recently had an interview with the Sun where she talked about things like the coronavirus pandemic, adjusting to shows without an audience and more.

During the interview, the female star was asked about the perception that Flair receives more opportunities because of her heritage, and Deville said that whether it may be true or not, she delivers every time:

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a two-fold question because it’s like, does she get opportunities because of who she is? “Maybe, but does she deliver every single time? For sure.”

Though Sonya Deville continued by explaining that a lot of women in the WWE locker room would step up and work hard if given the same opportunities, citing herself as an example:

“I’m the same way where anything you throw at me, I’m going to deliver. You could throw anything at me. If I’m given the same opportunities as Charlotte Flair, I will be as big if not bigger than Charlotte.”

Sonya Deville was signed by WWE in 2015. However, despite being called up to the main roster in November 2017, the former NXT star is yet to hold a title in the company.

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