Watch: Southpaw Regional Wrestling Episodes 1-4

Southpaw Regional Wrestling has arrived. Episodes 1-4 of WWE’s new series fare now live and you can check them out below.

The discovery of a VHS cassette reveals the bizarre and hilarious history of a wrestling promotion once thought lost to time: Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

The villainous banker ruins Big Bartholomew’s life, Chett Chetterfield makes an impassioned plea to his wife, and a hot new tag team soaks up the scene.

Big Bart and Christian Joy freak out about the banker’s challenge, Lance Catamaran pines for Utica, N.Y., and a very hairy wrestler makes his presence felt.

The banker reveals his final deception, Tex Ferguson hits the end of his rope, and Lance Catamaran gets bad news about Lethal Leap Year.

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