Speculation On Dolph Ziggler’s Future, Heath Slater Apologises

Dolph Ziggler

Speculation On Dolph Ziggler’s Future

Drew McIntyre had formed an alliance with Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley in recent weeks and drifted away from Dolph Ziggler, who he was originally paired with upon his arrival on main roster.

Due to this, many believed that this pairing will be ending soon. These speculations turned out to be true after Drew attacked Ziggler during a segment on this week’s Raw, confirming their break up.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer talked about Dolph’s status after this angle and speculated that he will once again drift down the card. Though as noted before, WWE Officials are still high on McIntyre and his main event push is expected to continue.

Heath Slater Apologises

We noted before how Rhyno and Heath Slater were put in a match with the stipulation being that the loser will be fired from Raw on this week’s episode of the Red-Branded Show. This bout was won by Slater.

Both Corbin and Heath have continued this storyline on Twitter since then and as seen below, Corbin is seen blaming the One Man Band for Rhyno’s firing while Heath Slater apologizes for it:

As we noted before, initially, it appeared that Rhyno is done with WWE after this loss. However, the latest update on the situation suggests that he will be sticking around.

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