Speculation Over Alicia Fox’s WWE Status

Speculation has arisen surrounding WWE Superstar Alicia Fox, after she accompanied WWE Legends onto the ring to close out WWE's RAW Reunion special.

WWE Superstar Alicia Fox

It appears as though WWE Superstar Alicia Fox may have retired from active in-ring competition.

Fox, who has been a long-serving member of WWE’s Women’s division since 2006, featured in backstage segments with WWE Legends during last night’s RAW Reunion.

Most notably, she was on stage with the Legends during the final segment of the show. She was stood between Eric Bischoff and Jerry “The King” Lawler as Hulk Hogan spoke to the WWE Universe.

Commenting on Fox’s inclusion amongst the WWE Legends, Dave Meltzer said the following on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Evidently, Alicia Fox is no longer an active wrestler. She was in every segment. I mean, she hasn’t wrestled in months but they never formally released her. So, maybe the idea is, like, because they never release anyone, so I guess the idea, maybe, is that she’s not going to wrestle anymore but she’s still under contract. She was very clearly not a member of the active roster. She was out there at the end of the show on the ramp with only the legends. She was a legend here on this show.”

At the time of writing, nothing has been confirmed by WWE or Alicia Fox, though her inclusion amongst the Legends certainly indicates she may be done wrestling in WWE.