Stephanie McMahon Defends “Being Evil” In Media Blitz

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has embarked on a media blitz this week, as WWE’s CBO has penned an article titled “In defense of being evil” for media and marketing brand Ad Age, and taken the stage at a Variety event held at the CES in Las Vegas.

McMahon’s article is certain to grab attention if only for the headline. She compares her role as a villain on television with her real-life position with WWE.

“If you watch WWE, you probably don’t like me very much,” McMahon writes. “I’m the character you love to hate. I’m maniacal, I intimidate everyone around me by threatening their job security, and every now and then I have to remind my employees exactly who I am by slapping them across the face.”

“…It’s amazing how performing in front of a live crowd for nearly 20 years can reinforce the traits that work best when it comes to management skills and leadership,” says McMahon.

The piece goes on to hit on three key strategies that McMahon says she has taken from being a performer into her other job. McMahon’s three keys are to know your audience, show you care and be vulnerable.

Stephanie McMahon At CES

On stage with Variety at CES, McMahon emphasized WWE’s commitment to their women’s revolution. McMahon points to the “This is hope” chants in Abu Dhabi during a Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss match last year as a milestone.

She goes on to say that the company’s commitment to focus on women’s wrestling pre-dates Ronda Rousey’s signing.

McMahon also pointed to a change in recruiting and training as a reason for the success of the women’s divisions.

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