Stephanie McMahon Promises To Take Action Against Brock Lesnar

Stephanie McMahon promises to take action against Brock Lesnar on behalf of the WWE Universe

Stephanie McMahon.
Stephanie McMahon.

Mr. Money In The Bank Brock Lesnar had been teasing to reveal his choice of opponent from the past couple of weeks however he decided against it on this week’s episode of Raw.

Lesnar learned that he has a whole year to decide which champion he wants to fight and so the Beast backed off from announcing his opponent and revealing a date for this bout.

And it appears that the Bosses of WWE didn’t like this move from the former Universal Champion as they are promising to take action against the Beast.

They released the following video from their YouTube account in which Stephanie McMahon claims that the duo of Lesnar and Paul Heyman have disrespected the WWE Universe and they are going to take action against them:

“They disrespected what the money in the bank contract represents. They disrespected both the Universal champion as well as the WWE Champion. I think they disrespected WWE and the entire WWE universe.

So on behalf of our organization, on behalf of all of our fans, I am going to take this matter up officially and we are going to take action.” (Transcription:

It’s worth mentioning here that in a recent interview Paul Heyman had hinted at Lesnar making more TV appearances than before. After this video, it appears that a feud with the Authority is what will keep Brock on the screen.

So it’d be interesting to see what action the Bosses of WWE take against Lesnar and his advocate and how the Beast Incarnate reacts to it on this week’s episode of Raw.