Stephanie McMahon Wants Another Generation Of McMahons In WWE

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

WWE’s Stephanie McMahon recently did an interview with People to talk about what it’s like juggling being a mother with being at the forefront of a professional wrestling empire as one of WWE’s most powerful executives.

McMahon said that her goal is to “leave a lasting legacy on the community” as a businesswoman. In regards to motherhood, she said that’s her favorite part about being Stephanie McMahon:

“My favorite part about being Stephanie McMahon is being a mom,” said Stephanie. “Our girls are now 11, 9, and 7.”

Former WWE Champion, fellow WWE executive and Stephanie’s husband, Triple H, also chimed in and praised his wife’s ability as a mother:

“It’s amazing. She’s an amazing mom,” said Triple H. “She’s up making pancakes first thing in the morning after sleep. She’s helping with homework. She’s doing all of it. It doesn’t matter what she’s in the middle of, if the kids call, she drops it.

“She’s with them. No matter what in her life, the most important job is mom. And if she had to drop everything else right now, it wouldn’t even be a question.”

McMahon also said that she’d love for her children to carry on WWE’s legacy and be the next generation of McMahons in the company:

“I think it would be phenomenal if we had an additional McMahon-Levesque generation in WWE,” said Stephanie.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions