Stephen Amell Asks Batista Not To Kill Him Over WrestleMania Tweet

There was an interesting exchange between “Arrow” star Stephen Amell and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista on Twitter.

It all started once Amell sent out a post on his official Twitter account on Tuesday where he noted that he was pumped about Batista returning to in-ring action to take on Triple H at WrestleMania 35 but don’t want to see a celebrity angle detract from the card.

“Just landed and found out about @DaveBautista v @TripleH — Really pumped for the match but also don’t want to see a celebrity angle detract from an awesome wrestling card.”

Many people took this as a joke from Amell as he was poking fun at himself due to his past relationship with WWE.

If you recall, Amell made a few appearances on WWE Monday Night RAW in the summer of 2015 that eventually led to him working a match. He teamed up with Neville to beat Stardust and Wade Barrett in a tag team match at the SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

This is when Batista responded to the tweet. Well, Amell took this for what it is and decided to try to clear the air with “Guardians of the Galaxy” star as he noted that he didn’t mean to come off the way Batista saw it but rather trying to be funny. He would add, “Please don’t kill me.”