Steve Austin: “I Can’t Wrestle Anymore, I Don’t Live In The Past”

Steve Austin understands his role when he returns to WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin On Raw Reunion. Photo Credit:
Stone Cold Steve Austin On Raw Reunion. Photo Credit:

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote the premiere of his new television series on the USA Network. 

During the interview, Austin’s return to WWE television on RAW Reunion in July was brought up. Austin called it a tremendous opportunity and an honor to follow RAW as that’s the audience that built and supported him for so many years. 

“I’m following the world from which I came from. But I can’t wrestle anymore, I don’t live in the past. I’m happy I was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, but I also want to show people who and what Steve Austin is all about.”

Steve Austin Hypes Debut Of New Show After RAW Tonight

Austin noted that when he goes back to WWE, he understands it’s all about the current generation. He brought getting his stuff in during that appearance but he wants the current talent to have much time on camera as possible. 

He noted that he’s pretty easy to deal with these days but back in the day, he was an animal. The reason for that is due to him trying to climb the mountain and get traction as a top star. 

Austin added that he’s more relaxed now and make the most of whatever WWE gives him.

The former WWE Champion closed RAW Reunion with a toast to all of the past and present stars as well as the fans for their support of not only the show but the company as well over the years.