Steve Austin Praises Chris Jericho and Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger

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WWE Hall of Famer and Legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin made some interesting comments on the most recent episode of ‘The Steve Austin Show’ on PodcastOne regarding AEW Champion Chris Jericho. During the show Austin was discussing the Wrestle Kingdom event with his co-host for the episode Shawn Marek. Although Austin did not watch Wrestle Kingdom 14 at the time of recording he did have praise for two of the bigger performers who took part in this year’s Tokyo Dome extravaganza.

Jericho vs Tanahashi

Austin did mention that he planned on watching Chris Jericho against Hiroshi Tanahashi at some point. “I tryed to find the match on YouTube, all I could find was about three and a half four minutes of highlights” Austin began. “Looking at them I was like ‘well they definitely have some good **** in there.'”

“…[he] knows how to build a match” – Steve Austin

Stone Cold also talked about how Chris Jericho was one of the more intelligent performers he has known in the business. “You know he’s [Jericho] one of the more cerebral guys in the business. And as a student of the game, [he] knows how to build a match and so like there’s some really cool **** on there.”

Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman

Steve Austin also had praise for the NJPW legend who retired this past weekend, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger. “I remember back in the day, it was ninety one ninety two ninety three at the latest…I can’t remember. This was WCW, the match with Brian Pillman. Okay that was a match of the year, go back and watch that match, it’s like twelve minutes. This is how much the the the business has changed, the stuff they were doing back then was cutting edge.”

Steve Austin also talked about the style of the Cruiserweight/Juniors performers, saying “I think they probably absorb the punishment and and the gravity and the physics better than the bigger guys. But I still know after all those years, all those bumps the high rate working style that he had back in the day; I mean he’s brought so much to the business.”

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