Steve Austin Recalls Triple H Saving Him From Fan Attack, Video Of Incident

WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin took to social media this weekend to share video footage to coincide with a cool story he recently told on his Steve Austin Show podcast about Triple H saving him from a fan attack during a non-televised WWE live event several years ago.

“Triple H [is] a stand-up cat,” said Austin when beginning to tell the story behind the video. “He picked that dude up, slammed him and started punching his lights out. And he’s yelling to the security guard, ‘Get your ass in here!’ And the security guard didn’t know whether to sh*t or wind his watch. He was confused, you know? It happened so fast.”

From there, “The Texas Rattlesnake” went on to explain why he couldn’t join in on the beat down of the fan while everything was happening in the ring. He also spoke about a brief meeting he had with the fan backstage after the match.

“I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t help beat the guy up, I’m the babyface,” said Austin. “But Triple H was watching my back, and he beat the snot out of that guy.”

Austin continued, “I went backstage and I had a couple of words with the guy. I didn’t take a cheap shot at him or nothing like that, but I had a little ‘Come-to-Jesus-meeting’ with him and let him know how I felt. But I always gave Triple H credit for doing that.”

Check out the video that goes with this story below courtesy of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s official Twitter page (@SteveAustinBSR).