Stu Bennett Teases In-ring Return: “I Need To Go Back & Rewrite The Ending”

The former WWE Superstar talks potentially returning to in-ring action at some point in the future

Stu Bennett
Stu Bennett

Former WWE Superstar and NWA Commentator Stu Bennett recently appeared on Ryback’s Conversation With The Big Guy podcast. The former Bad News Barrett discussed a number of topics during the interview, including his recent discussions with WWE and when he plans on getting back into the ring to wrestle.

“I will make this clear right now as I don’t want to be misinterpreted. I’m not looking to get back in the ring anytime soon” Stu Bennett began on the podcast.

Stu Bennett on Returning To The Ring

“At some point in the future? I know 100% that I need to go back and rewrite the ending at least” Bennett continued. “I can’t leave it forever on how things ended with me because it was a very, very bad time. [with] a lot of disappointment of course. But I don’t want to people to think out there ‘yeah give me a call I’m gonna get back in the ring tomorrow.’ That’s not where I am at all.”

Stu Bennett would elaborate further, saying how happy he is with his current commitments outside of a wrestling ring. “I’m quite happy with the lifestyle I have right now. Of course with the virus and a lot of stuff going around it’s another reason I don’t want to be travelling at the moment. And, I love working with NWA and that’s something that whatever else I do outside of that? I hope to continue working with NWA and doing commentary with them. I love doing that, they have a great schedule and they have a great product that I enjoy.”


Bennett would finish by discussing which promotions he would consider speaking with to wrestle again. “I’d of course be open to something with Ring of Honor or New Japan. But, I can’t see anything for the rest of this year in 2020. I will be very surprised if I was in a wrestling ring this year.”

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