Stu Bennett Talks Next Breakout Stars on NWA Powerrr

NWA Power
NWA Power

NWA Powerrr commentator Stu Bennett recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss his move to the YouTube based brand. During the interview Bennett would give his rundown of some of the next breakout stars to come from the revitalised National Wrestling Alliance programme.

“Obviously when I turned up I wasn’t familiar with Thunder Rosa at all” Stu Bennett began. “She’s the NWA Women’s Champion so I was very new to learning curve. But the very first time I clapped eyes on her, I knew immediately this girl is gonna be box office she she’s so good and that’s an obvious one.”

Bennett would also praise the former NWA Television Champion, Ricky Starks. “I think Ricky Starks is another one. It’s very obvious he’s kind of earlier on the curve than Thunder Rosa at the moment but he’s on this build, this growth cycle. At the moment where he’s gonna go? I think he’s really going to go to that kind of A List level, eventually. But again he’s on the build.”

The former WWE Superstar was also quick to praise some of the more quirky characters in the company, including the Question Mark and current Television Champion Zicky Dice. “There’s other people who organically, just randomly get over” Bennett stated. “You never would anticipate the Question Mark thing. It’s utterly bizarre. But it just works, people love it, the storytelling is crazy, it’s ridiculous. Another guy who I wasn’t familiar with probably four or five weeks ago, is a guy called Zicky Dice. And it was like a kind of an 80’s sleazeball character, but I fell in love with him almost immediately. He’s a fantastic character and another guy you can’t take your eyes off of.”

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