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Sylvain Grenier Of La Résistance Hired As WWE Backstage Agent

Sylvain Grenier is returning to WWE.

The former member of La Résistance and WWE tag team champion Sylvain Grenier is back with the company. According to comments Grenier made to the French- Canadian publication TVA Sports, he has been working backstage in WWE for the last week beginning at the RAW show from Kentucky.

Grenier told TVA that he contacted WWE last April in order to get photos from his career.

“When WWE came to Montreal in April 2019, I went to meet Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President of TV Content) to ask him for pictures of the time I won the team titles at the Bell Center,” a translation of Grenier’s comments reads. “I needed it for the intro to my new fitness TV show.”

The conversation led to Grenier being told the company was looking for backstage agents.

“I had just had a child, I was working on my show, I didn’t want to end up on the road as much as before. But he told me that things had changed. The company then invited me to the premiere of SmackDown on FOX in Los Angeles and a few exchanges later, we had an agreement.”

Grenier has yet to be assigned to a brand and stated he is currently in training. The full French language article with TVA Sports can be read here.



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