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War Games Match Unlikely For New WWE Battleground PPV, Final RAW...

No War Games matches at WWE Battleground, final RAW rating for Monday's show.

Total Divas Replay Scores Higher Than Debut, RAW Viewership For This...

Total Divas replays draw more viewers than the debut, RAW viewership for Monday's taped show.

Final RAW Rating For Monday’s Show, New Eva Marie/Total Diva Video

Final rating for Monday's RAW, new Eva Marie/Total Divas video and more.

Final 7/8 RAW Rating: How Did The MITB “Go-Home” Edition Draw?

Final WWE RAW rating for the Money In The Bank "go-home" edition of the show.

Final WWE RAW Rating (6/24/2013): Up Or Down From Last Week?

Final WWE RAW rating for the Monday, June 24th edition of the show.

Raw Viewership Drops Below Four Million, WWE’s Greatest Diva Photos Ever

Monday's Memorial Day edition of Raw took a hit as viewership decreased throughout the show

Carlito Says The Shield Needs To Hit The Gym, Final RAW...

Carlito says two of the members of The Shield need to stop believing in the Shield - and start believing in the gym

Raw Bounces Back From Year-Low Viewership, Seven Surprising Hardcore Combatants

Heading into Extreme Rules, Raw bounces back from year-low viewership.. Plus - seven surprising wrestlers who got hardcore

RAW Rating, Del Rio To Respond To Swagger & Colter’s State...

Alberto Del Rio says he's going to respond to Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter's "State of the Union" address on Friday's SmackDown

Viewership For Monday’s Raw Improves, Matt Striker’s Suggestion For WWE To...

Viewership for Monday's New Year's Eve episode of Raw improved from last week's 15-year low.. Matt Striker offers a suggestion for Raw

Raw Draws Its Lowest Rating In Over 15 Years, This Week’s...

The Christmas-themed episode of Raw featuring John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight draws the show's lowest rating in over 15 years

Viewership For Monday’s Christmas Eve Raw Declines, WWE Highlights Mick Foley,...

As expected, viewership For Monday's Christmas Eve Raw episode declines from the week before.. Plus - WWE highlights moments in Mick Foley's career

Raw Possibly Going Back To Two Hours This Monday, WWE Relaunches...

Coming off the heels of the third hour of Monday's Raw broadcast suffering a fifteen percent drop in viewership, the program may be two hours again

Viewership For Monday’s Raw Tanks During Third Hour, WWE Pays Tribute...

Viewership for Monday's Raw sees a sharp decline in the third hour.. Plus - WWE looks back at memorable valets such as Miss Elizabeth and Kimberly

WWE RAW Rating & Viewership For Monday Night

How did Monday's post-Survivor Series edition of RAW do compared to the previous week?

Viewership For Monday’s Raw Slightly Declines, The Miz Promotes WrestleMania Tickets,...

Viewership for Raw declines from last week, third hour down for the 12th week in a row.. Plus - a video message from The Miz

Monday’s Raw Draws Worst Rating In 15 Years, Sami Callihan Competes...

Monday's Raw draws the program's worst rating for a non-holiday episode since October 27, 1997.. Plus - Sami Callihan competes in a dark match

RAW Ratings: Lowest Non-Holiday Viewership In 15 Years

Could it be time for WWE to pull the plug on 3-hour RAWs? RAW sinks to dangerous territory Wins Prestigious Award, Ominous Signs For RAW’s Ratings

WWE wins an OMMA Award for Web Excellence .. Plus - Monday's RAW had the lowest social media score since RAW went to 3-hours every week

More On RAW’s Low Rating, SmackDown Dark Main Event Result &...

Monday's RAW was the least-watched non-holiday RAW in 5 years

Raw Rating Rebounds For Post-SummerSlam Show, WWE Encyclopedia Delayed, Eve Torres

The post-SummerSlam edition of Raw has a ratings rebound.. Plus - notes on the WWE Encyclopedia, Eve Torres and Ezekiel Jackson

Rating For This Week’s WWE Raw, HBK Declined Exec Position

Viewership for this week's episode of Raw declines.. Plus - Shawn Michaels says he declined an executive position with WWE

Raw Suffers Ratings Drop From Last Week, Film Selected For TIFF

Raw suffers a significant ratings drop from the 1,000th show.. Plus - new WWE Studios movie to be screened at film festival

Rating For This Week’s Raw, Sunny’s Message To Dawn, More

How did this week's Raw do in the ratings compared to last week? Plus - Sunny sends a message to Dawn Marie

Rating For This Week’s Raw SuperShow, Sable Not On Twitter

Was Raw able to maintain its recent strong ratings number? Plus - the Sable Twitter account is confirmed to be a phony

Raw Rating Improves With McMahon’s Return, Kane’s Love History

The June 11 Raw SuperShow featuring the television return of Vince McMahon gets a ratings boost

RAW Rating, Matches For Next Week, No Way Out Ads

WWE promoting two big matches for next week's RAW from Pittsburgh .. Plus, Monday's RAW rating and No Way Out news

RAW Rating, Lesnar’s Meltdown Partially A Work & More

Details on WWE trying to work "dirt sheets" as well as the WWE Superstars with Brock Lesnar's meltdown after Extreme Rules

RAW Rating, SmackDown Staying On Fridays, Regal

What was the rating for Moday's taped RAW from London? Plus, William Regal says he's leaving the European tour early to deal with "family business"

RAW Rating, Ambrose Meets With WWE Doctors

Monday's RAW rating is down from last week .. Plus - Dean Ambrose says his barbware scars and excessive nerve damage are Mick Foley's fault

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