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The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega Post “Harmful Ribs” on Masa, Flip Gordon

In the latest edition of the Elite's Youtube series "Being the Elite", Omega and the Young Bucks play a "harmful rib" on Masa. They also welcome Flip Gordon to the Ring of Honor roster.Cody and Frankie Kazarian also appear on this episode:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXlciU37A7I&t=16s Being the Elite The Bucks and Omega have now...

New UK Company UnPro Wrestling Debuting in August with a Stacked Roster

It has been well documented that the UK  independent wrestling scene is as hot now as it ever has been. New companies with top UK talents such as Lucha Forever, VII Pro Wrestling, Riot House Promotions and big money WCPW have been blossoming from the impact that top UK...

WWE Smackdown & 205 Live Reaction (11/29)

WWE Smackdown (11/29) This week's episode of Smackdown kicked off with Renee Young in the ring. Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch joined her in the ring for a contract signing for their Smackdown Women's Championship match this Sunday at WWE TLC. Alexa Bliss told Renee Young to get out of...

WWE Reportedly To Investigate, Sideline Wrestlers Without Health Insurance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtPfn73TSCsMike Johnson at PWInsider is reporting that WWE alerted the roster yesterday to a new bit of policy enforcement. Back in May of 2011, all of the talent had to sign a rider to their contracts that was then added to the standard talent booking contract. From section  9.12...

WWE Main Roster Talents Divided Over Financial Issues

Although morale in NXT is through the roof right now, the main roster has been described as having a big divide between the have's and have not's.The lower level talents with $100,000 downside guarantees, which would be the bottom guys, were given raises to $125,000 guarantees and according to...

#GiveDivasAChance Trending On Twitter

Fans are protesting WWE giving Divas less than a minute in the ring on RAW

Backstage Frustration On Main WWE Roster Regarding Treatment Of NXT Talent

WWE main roster talents disgruntled over not being given the same chances as NXT stars.

5 Questions Following Monday’s Raw (8/11)

Michael Hicks discusses last night's episode of Raw.

Jack Swagger: A Shot at Redemption

Michael Hicks looks at a possible Jack Swagger face turn.

WWE Money in the Bank: Potential Disappointment

Michael Hicks looks at next Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

The Shield vs. Evolution: A Fitting Conclusion

Michael Hicks looks at last night's matchup between the Shield and Evolution.

Rob Van Dam: Worth Keeping on the Roster?

Michael Hicks looks at RVD's latest run.

Press Release: TNA Announces New Family-Friendly Television Show

TNA announces plans for a weekly family-friendly TV show.

Alexander Rusev: The Squash Approach

Michael Hicks looks at Alexander Rusev's main roster debut.

Kane vs. Bryan: Main Event Worthy?

Michael Hicks looks at a potential matchup between Daniel Bryan and Kane.