10 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 8/23

Impact Wrestling 8/23

Impact Wrestling this week took place from California for Cali Combat as it was filmed during the promotion’s recent 3-day tour of the state. The promotion will head to Mexico City next week. This week’s episode was headlined by a No DQ match between Tommy Dreamer and Sami Callihan.

Here are 10 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 8/23:

10Ken Shamrock Is Returning To Impact Wrestling/Feuding With Moose

Ken Shamrock is returning to Impact Wrestling from September 5-6 in Las Vegas. His return was mentioned frequently by Melissa Santos during commercial breaks on Twitch. It looks as though Shamrock, who is promoting his new bare-knuckled MMA promotion, will be moving into a rivalry with Moose.

9Sami Callihan Beats Tommy Dreamer, Ends Show Standing Tall Over Tessa Blanchard

Callihan is owed a world title match as a result of his victory over Tessa Blanchard at Unbreakable. He got the win over Tommy Dreamer in this week’s main event after delivering a piledriver on top of a wood board. Callihan looked to continue the beat-down of Dreamer after the match but Tessa Blanchard made the save. Jake Crist then ran from the back and hit Blanchard from behind, allowing Sami to hit Tessa with a piledriver and end the show standing tall.

8Rhino and Michael Elgin Brawl To A Double Count-Out

Rhino and Michael Elgin’s rivalry has been building since Slammiversary. This week, the two rivals were too distracted with brawling on the outside to notice the referee’s count. They were both counted-out as a result.

Security was needed to separate the two big men but the brawl would continue in the back as well. Later in the night, it was announced the two will face each other again next week in Mexico. To prevent another count-out, however, it will be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

7Taya Valkyrie – Longest Running Knockouts Champion?

Taya Valkyrie stood at a podium and delivered a somewhat statistically-challenged promo this week. Valkyrie is saying that she will soon pass the record for longest single-reign of the Knockouts title at 238 days. It’s not entirely clear where the 238-days number is coming from but she’s not far from breaking the actual record.

Here are the longest single reigns of the Knockouts title according to the wrestling-statistics website, Cagematch.net.

  • Taryn Terrell 279 days – 2014-15
  • Rosemary 266 days – 2016-17
  • Gail Kim – 232 days – 2015-16
  • Taya Valkyrie 230+ (current)

Taya reacted on Twitter to a fan mentioning Wikipedia also has the longest Knockouts title reign at 279 days:

Regardless, Taya promised to defend her title in Mexico City next week against someone new. In storyline, if she wins, she’ll pass the record for longest reiginging Knockouts champion.

6Tenille Dashwood Says Taya Valkyrie Should Get Ready For Her

A short backstage promo featuring Tenille Dashwood was shown this week. Dashwood said she doesn’t plan on starting at the bottom of the Knockouts division and will be gunning right for Taya Valkyrie.

5Jake Crist Pulls Tights, Retains Title Against Rich Swann

The X-Division champion Jake Crist defeated the former champion to retain his title this week. The OVE member pulled off the victory only after grabbing ahold of Swann’s trunks, however.

4The North Defend Tag Titles Against Reno Scum

Josh Alexander and Ethan Page put out a challenge to any team from the west coast to meet them this week. Reno Scum answered the call but it would be the champions who would pull out the victory in the end. The North don’t plan on losing the tag belts anytime soon.

3Havok Destroys Alisha & Eddie Edwards

Havok defeated Alisha Edwards in single’s competition this week. Alisha’s loss brought out Ace Austin, who has been making advances toward Eddie’s wife, to comfort her. Eddie came out to confront Ace but ran into Havok, who gave him a chokeslam for his trouble. This allowed Austin to leave with Alisha.

2Su Yung Talks In Unknown Language Again

Su Yung cut another promo after Havok’s match last night. Once again, the promo was in no known language. It’s possible Yung’s promos are being played backwards. A devoted fan could probably even decipher them.

1Willie Mack Defeated Trey

Trey from The Rascalz pulled out all the stops this week trying to defeat Willie Mack. In the end, a dive off the top rope was countered into a stunner and Mac picked up the victory, however.

Quick Results:

  1. Rhino vs Michael Elgin – double-count out
  2. Impact Tag Team Championships: the North (c) defeated Reno Scum
  3. Havok defeated Alisha Edwards
  4. X-Division Championship: Jake Crist (c) defeated Rich Swann
  5. Willie Mack defeated Trey
  6. No Disqualification Match: Sami Callihan defeated Tommy Dreamer

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