Tammy Sytch Sex Tape Already Filmed; Offer Exposed As Storyline

As has been covered here the last few days,Tammy “Sunny” Sytch and adult film production company Vivid Video have gone back and forth in the media stemming from Sytch putting her WWE Hall of Fame ring up for sale on eBay. Vivid then went to TMZ, saying that they’d give her $100,000 for the ring…and a 90 minute sex tape. From the outside, it looked like the type of grandstanding that TMZ often reports on, just a case where it  appears more likely to happen than usual because of whatever Sytch has been promising to show fans on Skype as of late.

While TMZ is now reporting that Sytch just signed a contract with Vivid, it turns out that this is just an angle. How do we know? The video has already been shot.

SEScoops was sent a link (not safe for work, but we made sure you get a warning first in case you accidentally click) within Vivid’s website featuring the trailer for the video, which s titled “Sunny Side Up,” None of that is safe for work or appropriate for embedding here, even censored, but if you want proof in the event if the page being removed, this screen grab that we were sent of a disclaimer from the video has no such issues:

Tammy Sytch Sunny Side Up disclaimer (Vivid Video)
Tammy Sytch Sunny Side Up disclaimer (Vivid Video)

It seems like the decision was made that this would be the best way to promote the video, by virtue of getting an ongoing storyline going on TMZ that would more and more attention as it went on. There had been rumors within wrestling that the video had already been shot several months ago, but there was never anything close to concrete proof. Sytch had spent the last year or so openly shilling Skype video chat sessions with fans on social media for the last year or so. The posts/tweets were usually accompanying by photos of her in lingerie. Those who emailed her got a reply that went something like this one that Jerry Wiseman published at Examiner.com:


I’ll be Skyping tonight after 7pm eastern time

It’s $10 for every 4 minutes of regular chat

$50 for 10 minutes with some skin (boobs)

$100 for 10 minutes to see a whole lot more ?

Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll give you payment info

Once payment comes thru, I’ll contact you to set up a time

It’s a lot of fun! And you can do whatever you want on your end

Tam xoxo

We have no idea if Vivid will pull the trailer when this story goes up, but it’s been archived elsewhere if they do. If the $100,000 figure is real, that’s considerably less than she was offered by Playboy at the peak of her pro wrestling career.