Taya Valkyrie Achieves Impact Knockouts Title Milestone

Taya Valkyrie is the first wrestler to hold the Knockouts title for an entire year.

Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie is already in the middle of the longest reign with the Impact Knockouts title in history. Today marks a special milestone for her title reign, however. Valkyrie is now the only wrestler in history to hold the Knockouts title for an entire year. She originally won the title from Tessa Blanchard on January 6th, 2019.

Taya Valkyrie’s Historic Knockouts Championship Reign

Valkyrie won the title at the Impact Wrestling Homecoming PPV last year from Nashville, TN. There was quite a bit of controversy to the match as Gail Kim was assigned as the special guest referee. The Impact Hall of Famer and Blanchard had been at odds leading up to the match and Kim got involved physically, costing Blanchard the title but allowing Valkyrie to win it.

Since winning the title, Valkyrie has defended it a total of 17x over the last year. That’s 5 more title defenses than she is required to make under the 1 title defense every 30-day rule in Impact. Taya has made quite a point of that rule on Impact television.

Taya Valkyrie Title Defense History:

  1. 1/12/19 – defeated Tessa Blanchard in a street fight
  2. 2/17/19 – lost to Jordynne Grace via DQ
  3. 4/4/19 – defeated Jordynne Grace, Katie Forbes, Rosemary in a fatal 4-way
  4. Rebellion PPV – defeated Jordynne Grace
  5. 5/3/19- defeated Madison Rayne
  6. 6/6/19 – defeated Su Yung via DQ
  7. 6/8/19 – defeated Jordynne Grace
  8. 6/28/19 – vs Mortar – No Contest
  9. Slammiversary – defeated Su Yung, Havok, and Rosemary (fatal 4-way)
  10. 7/20/19 – vs Havok – No Contest
  11. 8/2/19 – lost to Havok via count-out
  12. 8/16/19 – defeated Big Mami
  13. 9/6/19 – lost to Havok via DQ
  14. 9/14/19 – defeated Rosemary
  15. Bound For Glory – defeated Tenille Dashwood
  16. 11/10/19 – defeated Madison Rayne
  17. 12/7/19 – lost to Havok via DQ