Taya Valkyrie Shares Details Of Recent Injury

Current Impact Wrestling Knockout champion, Taya Valkyrie, has provided an injury update after suffering an injury due to a botched moonsault

Current Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts champion, Taya Valkyrie, unfortunately suffered a recent injury, causing her to cancel a few upcoming appearances.

Taking to her Twitter account, Valkyrie, shared the initial damage in a video, showcasing heavy bruising and a swollen eye. She later clarified that this came about after an accident delivering a moonsault. When asked by a fan if there was anybody to blame for the incident, Taya replied:

“Nobody, it was an accident. This is pro wrestling and accidents happen. I’ve executed 1000s of perfect moonsaults. Tonight something just went wrong. That’s all.”

“It’s Just Putting Pressure On My Eyeball”

She has since provided a further injury update. Once again uploading a video to her Twitter, she would display the bruising and explain that “As you can see, my face is still super swollen. We got some x-rays and stuff done last night because the pressure on my eye was actually really bad, but I don’t have any fractures, thank God.”

Taya explained that “It’s just severe swelling on the whole right side of my face, so, it’s just putting pressure on my eyeball. And some contusions. I just have some eye drops and lots of icing and I just have to try to stay positive even though I look like this.”

It’s an undeniably nasty looking injury, and we hope that Taya Valkyrie heals up fast so she can get back to doing what she loves.

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