Taz Reveals Which Suplex He Came Up With The Name For

Former WWE Hardcore Champion and commentator Taz recently took to his radio show, The Taz Show, and discussed several professional wrestling topics. Taz was famous for his suplexes inside the ring. He noted how he never used the German Suplex in ECW because everyone else was.

Taz said he could hit a variety of Suplexes on opponents such as Christian and Sabu. He also credited himself with naming the “T-Bone Suplex”:

“That’s what I named it,” said Taz. “Whatever people called it, but that’s what I called it. I kinda named it. And [for] simple reasons; it looked like a T, right? I was grabbing you like a T, I was grabbing between your legs and around your waist, it was like a T motion from the side.

“And I would turn you in the air where I was the base of the T and you were the top part, the horizontal part of the T. And that’s why I called it a T-bone, and everybody loves a T-bone steak. Of course you gotta put over T-bone steak, right? So, that’s where that came from.”

You can listen to The Taz Show by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions