Taz Says Seth Rollins Isn’t Reckless, Calls Him The Best Worker Of His Generation

Taz feels that Finn Balor’s injury at WWE SummeSlam shouldn’t be entirely blamed on Seth Rollins. On The Taz Show on CBS Radio earlier this week, the former ECW Heavyweight Champion explained why he feels Rollins is not as reckless as Bret Hart says he is.

Taz explained that wrestlers don’t get pushed by WWE if they’re dangerous or “douchebags” in the ring. He feels that Rollins is one of the best workers in the current era of wrestling, and that if Balor didn’t feel comfortable with the move it wouldn’t have taken place. Taz says that if a performer isn’t comfortable taking a move, it isn’t happening on TV.

“You don’t become as successful as Seth Rollins by being a douchebag,” Taz said of Rollins position in WWE. “Seth Rollins is not going to do something to someone that they’re not comfortable with.”

He explained that Vince is a “huge stickler” for safety, but also wants a very physical style of performance. Taz says this is a fine line that WWE stars learn to walk.

Taz also brought up Rollins breaking John Cena’s nose last year, a move that also drew criticism from Bret Hart. Taz theorized that Cena very likely asked Rollins to “bring it” and be physical during their match to make it look good. Taz stressed that you “have to be physically tough” to be in the wrestling business.

Balor suffered a shoulder injury at SummerSlam 2016 after being powerbombed into the fan barricade by Rollins.