Tegan Nox Details Severity Of MYC Injury

Tegan Nox
NXT competitor Tegan Nox (formerly Nixon Newell)

Last month Tegan Nox suffered a pretty nasty injury during her Mae Young Classic (MYC) match against Rhea Ripley. During a suicide dive, Nox seemed to injure her knee and was in a considerable amount of pain. She began screaming and yelling before the match was called off by the referee. Nox was taken to the back and received proper medical attention for the injury.

Her match with Ripley occurred in mid-August, however, it aired on the WWE Network last night (Wed. October 17, 2018). Soon after, Nox took to social media and offered an update on the severity of her injury. Nox revealed that she suffered a dislocated kneecap, and tore both her MCL and LCL. She also completely tore her ACL and both meniscuses. And finally, Nox suffered bone contusions and a second fracture on her left tibia.

Knox had the following to say about the injury in her post on Twitter:

“Well…that happened. I may be out for a while but I cannot thank my friends and family for everything they’ve done the past few weeks and for all the kind words I’ve received, it genuinely warms my heart and gives me that extra (fire) to come back even better.”

WWE’s YouTube channel also shared a video of Triple H consoling Nox after the injury backstage. Check that out here:

What do you think about the details behind Nox’s injury?