Terry Funk Health Update: Underwent Hernia Surgery Last Week

There was a lot of concern over the weekend throughout the wrestling world regarding the health of WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk. Funk appeared at Saturday night’s House of Hardcore event from Philadelphia at the former ECW Arena and did not appear well. The concern grew when he made a comment about it possibly being the last time we saw him in that ring. Jim Ross reached out to his longtime friend to find what was going on from the man himself.

In his latest blog update at JRsBarBQ.com, Ross says he called Funk this morning and was greeted with a “shockingly meek, weak and sickly” voice. When Funk heard JR’s reaction to his condition, he began laughing and started using his regular speaking voice again.

“I’ve gotten probably 15 phone calls this morning from friends, many of who I haven’t heard from in forever, and I just thought I’d start having some fun with this latest rumor,” Funk said. “I’ve been able to lead many of the callers down a funny as hell road until I laughed so hard that I had to ‘break character.”

Funk then revealed that he underwent abdominal hernia surgery just four days before I flew to Philadelphia. He was supposed to lay low after the surgery, but he ignored doctors orders and flew from Amarillo, TX to Philly and then signed what seemed like a thousand autographs that day. By the time showtime came around, he was exhausted and that’s what people saw on Saturday night. “Dammit Ross, I was tired! I had been up 48 hours straight.”

He made a brief appearance, but left the show earlier than expected and went back to his hotel to rest.

The 72 year old legend said, “I’m still alive and I’m just fine … At least, I THINK that I’m fine.”

While he probably should have listened to his doctors’ orders and taken it easy after last week’s surgery, thank god Funk is generally healthy and not gravely ill as some had feared.

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