Tessa Blanchard: Being Knockouts Champion Means You’re The Best

Dusty Rhodes once told his son Cody the only thing real in wrestling is the World Championship. Cody will challenge Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at All In on September 1st. Also booked for that show is Impact Wrestling’s, Tessa Blanchard.

The 3rd generation wrestler has a similar view regarding the importance of world titles. Blanchard was this week’s guest on Impact Wrestling’s media call and stated unequivocally that winning the Knockouts Championship is her goal.

“My main goal in Impact Wrestling is the Knockouts Championship,” Blanchard said with confidence. “I’m going to have my opportunity to claim that on Sunday against Allie and Su Yung.”

Blanchard will wrestle Alisha Edwards tonight on Impact Wrestling. She’s then scheduled to face Allie and Su Yung in a triple threat match for the title at the upcoming set of tapings. The title match will be held this Sunday in Toronto.

“That is the goal,” Blanchard said in reference to the Knockouts Championship. “Because having that championship means you are the best.”

“I’m confident I am the uncrowned champion because I am the best women’s wrestler in Impact Wrestling,” she continued.

A Knockouts Championship victory would also add to Blanchard’s already impressive (and still growing) list of titles. She’s won titles with WSU, RISE, PCW, and in Mexico for the Crash promotion.

Tessa Blanchard on Her Influences

Those who have been following the 23-year-old’s career will note she has a realistic and intense style. Blanchard has said previously she is influenced heavily by the era of her father and step-father’s prime.

“I have huge respect for the 4 Horsemen, all bias aside,” Blanchard said earlier this year. “I think my Dad and Arn were one of the greatest tag-teams of all time.”

She would continue to say she studies tape from this era.

“I watch that era of professional wrestling for inspiration and to study tape,” Blanchard continued to say. “I want to portray that style through my work.”