The Bella Twins Comment On Why They Attacked Ronda Rousey

The Bella Twins
Nikki & Brie: The Bella Twins

Nikki and Brie Bella attacked Ronda Rousey on Monday night in Chicago. The twins and the Raw Women’s Champion had just defeated the Riott Squad for the second time in a row when the attack occurred.

During the attack, the Raw commentary team speculated as to why the Bellas would attack Rousey. After the show, however, WWE cameras caught up with the pair to ask them why they did what they did.

When asked why they would attack someone who had been standing beside them in recent weeks, Brie offered up the following response:

“Been by our side? You mean taking up our space,” Brie said. “Standing in front of us, taking our shine, is that what you mean?”

“Brie and I are here for evolution but we’re here to remind everyone, even Ronda Rousey, that this is a ‘Bellalution’,” added Nikki.

Nikki and Brie Bella’s “Bellalution”

Both Nikki and Brie are former Divas Champions. Nikki held the title twice and Brie on just one occasion. Nikki’s 301-day title reign with the belt is the longest in the now-retired championship’s history. AJ Lee still holds the record for most combined days spent with the title at 406, split between 3 reigns. Unless the title is brought back, AJ will be the all-time record-holder in that category.

Ronda Rousey posted this on Instagram in regards to the attack: