The Bouncers Discuss ROH Ambitions, Wanting To Change Fan Perceptions

ROH tag team The Bouncers have opened up about their ambitions in the company, as well as their desire to change fan perceptions of how big men wrestle.

Ring Of Honor (ROH) continues their efforts to develop new talent across its numerous divisions. One tag team, in particular, have become fast fan favorites since coming together: The Bouncers.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc., the Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas discussed their ambitions in ROH. They also revealed their intentions to change how fans perceive big man wrestling.

Bruiser confessed that the two are actively chasing tag team gold in ROH, admitting that they would like to one day be remembered as one of the greatest teams in ROH history.

“We’ve wrestled The Briscoes…and had a hell of a match with them for the tag team titles. That’s definitely No. 1 on our list,” Bruiser said. “The Kingdom, they’re mad because we like to have fun and drink, but they’re gonna find out the hard way that when you hit us with chairs and put a cigar out on my chest, it kind of p***** us off. And you don’t wanna p*** off a drunk guy. So once we finish with them, then definitely the tag team gold.”

“Obviously we wanna be the tag champions, but on a larger scale, we wanna change perceptions,” Milonas added. “We don’t look like the type of guys that have traditionally done big things in ROH. There haven’t been too many guys our size, our build that can move like us.”