Finn Balor’s Demon Will Return At WrestleMania

After weeks of speculation, last night's Monday Night RAW confirmed that Finn Balor's alter ego, The Demon King, will return at WrestleMania 35.

Last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW finally confirmed what we’ve seen hints of for weeks: The Demon King returns at WrestleMania 35.

For weeks there have been hints, teases, and (somewhat) subtle references to Finn Balor’s alter ego returning. Whether it was through posters and adverts for the event itself or backstage promos, all signs pointed towards the return.

During RAW, Bobby Lashley, accompanied by Lio Rush, spoke with Charly Caruso. He explained that he’s been fighting for a long time. Because of this experience, he sees no difference between Finn Balor and The Demon:

“If you think I’m scared of some little Irish fairy tale, you’re out of your mind. Finn Balor is the Demon, and the Demon is Finn Balor. I whoop and dominate Finn Balor every single time.”

He would then be interrupted by Finn, who cautioned Lashley. He shared that he’s “always been a guy who’s had demons” before promising that at WrestleMania, “My Demon will become your nightmare.”

WWE has uploaded the clip, suggesting that “There’s a chance @fightbobby may need to be a little concerned heading into #WrestleMania because a DEMON is coming for his #ICTitle! #Raw @itsLioRush @FinnBalor”

The two will compete for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 35, which takes place this Sunday on April 7th.