The Elite Show Up At Bar Wrestling Event In Los Angeles (Video)

The Elite Bar Wrestling

Members of the Elite appeared at Joey Ryan’s Bar Wrestling last night in Los Angeles. Cody said he was at the show because they were interested in signing someone to AEW.

“3 Executive Vice Presidents; Didn’t work for WCW but it’s going to work for AEW!” Cody proclaimed. “So we’re in charge of hiring and firing people, right?”

The live crowd chanted for Joey Ryan to be hired by Cody. Unfortunately, Cody revealed Joey Ryan is under contract to Lucha Underground until 2028. So, Cody announced he was signing everyone in attendance instead and then went crowd-surfing.

Video of their performance at Bar Wrestling can be viewed below:

Bar Wrestling was founded in Los Angeles in 2017 by Joey Ryan. Last night’s event was the 28th in the promotion’s history and was named “The Best City I’ve Ever Been To.” Their next event is on January 31st and is titled “Four Touchdowns In A Single Game.”

The Elite At Bar Wrestling

During the Elite’s performance, Hangman Page and Joey Ryan buried the hatched. The two had been involved in a heated rivalry last year in the build-up to All In. Page had left Ryan for dead and lived under suspicion of his murder for several months. Page posted the following to Twitter after last night’s show:

All Elite Wrestling’s “Chief Brandi Officer”, Brandi Rhodes, posted the following:

Cody posted the following early this morning:

He also teased the Elite could show up at other wrestling shows: