The Miz Explains Why He’ll Never Be A Locker Room Leader In The WWE

The Miz understands his role in the WWE

The former WWE Champion recently appeared on Bust Open Radio on Sirius XM to speak with Dave LaGreca and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry about various topics.

During the interview, he was asked if he is a locker room leader. Here is what he had to say (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc).

“No. I don’t think I will ever be a locker room leader like The Undertaker or John Cena. That is just not my role. I am not someone that sits in the back watching the monitor and observing everyone. I have to get in the ring to feel exactly how you are. That is how I teach. I teach by example, instead of saying to them what they did wrong. I need to get in the ring with them and be able to feel what the are doing, so that is how I am able to teach.

I am not one of those people that people go to and people ask for my advice. I don’t know, it’s tough for me to give a person advice when I wasn’t in the ring with them. I don’t know what their mindset is. I don’t know why they did what they did and when they did it. I have to hear an audience, and feel an audience to know exactly why I am doing something.”

The Miz then shifted into how his confidence has grown over the years.

“It feels like now that I have been in WWE for over 12 years, I have developed this confidence where whatever situation I am in I know what to do. I don’t think I have had that type of confidence.

I think that it takes a lot of time; a lot of matches and a lot of years to develop that type of confidence where no matter what situation you are in, you know exactly what to do, get the crowd to wherever you want them and be so confident that even if you fail it is still a success.”

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The Background

The Miz was drafted to the ECW brand in 2007 where he formed a partnership with John Morrison. Together, they won the WWE Tag Team Championship and World Tag Team Championship.

After being drafted to Raw in 2009, he won the United States Championship twice, tag team titles with John Cena, Damien Mizdow, and twice with Big Show, as well as the 2010 Raw Money in the Bank ladder match. He cashed in his briefcase to win the WWE Championship in November 2010 and went on to hold for six months. He is also the third longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history by combined days, behind only Don Muraco and Pedro Morales.

If you recall, the biggest match of The Miz’s career was when he defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship back at WrestleMania 27 in 2011 in the main event.