‘The Miz’ Hopes CM Punk Does Well in His Second UFC Fight in June

'The Miz' holds no ill will towards former WWE rival CM Punk and actually wishes him the best in his second UFC fight that's expected to take place in June

CM Punk
CM Punk

A pro wrestling beef that reportedly goes back nearly seven years doesn’t mean that ‘The Miz’ wishes any ill will on former WWE superstar CM Punk as he prepares for his second fight in the UFC.

Several years ago, ‘The Miz’ (real name Mike Mizanin) and CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) were engaged in a reported backstage feud regarding how WWE was booking each of them and it led to some back and forth comments in various interviews.

Then back in 2016, Punk made his UFC debut after leaving WWE and he was submitted by Mickey Gall in the opening round of their fight. The next night as part of the “Elimination Chamber” pay-per-view, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler choreographed an almost identical set of moves in their match that mimicked — or mocked — Punk’s UFC performance.

Well if there was any ill will shared between them, The Miz is no longer holding any grudges after he was asked about Punk’s recent message where he seemed to reveal that his second UFC fight will take place in Chicago on June 9.

“I wouldn’t say that because the guy was going after a dream,” The Miz told TMZ when asked about Punk. “He always wanted to do that and whenever you go after a dream, why smash on it? He’s going to do his best, he’s going to try his hardest and I imagine he’s training his heart out to do the best he can in the Octagon. I hope he does well.”

As far as Punk’s chances to win in his second UFC fight, the Miz says that really comes down to who he’s facing and what kind of challenge he might receive inside the Octagon.

The Miz only knows one thing for certain — anything Punk is doing is for himself and not as a response to the haters who continuously jab at him over social media.

“I don’t think CM Punk is the type of person to really look into that. If you come from WWE, you have a thick skin because you’re hated on all day, everyday,” The Miz said. “This is just the norm for him.”

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