The Miz Surpasses Honky Tonk Man, Chris Jericho’s Failed Catchphrases (Video)

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The Miz becomes 3rd longest reigning Intercontinental Champion

The Miz took to Twitter today to announce that he has now surpassed the Honky Tonk Man as the third longest reigning Intercontinental Champion. The Miz has held the title for 455 days now. It took The Miz 7 title runs to reach that number, while the Honky Tonk Man hit 454 days with only one run with the IC Championship.

Chris Jericho jam session

Chris Jericho joined The Kicker for an episode of “Jam Sesh” to promote his new book No Is A Four Letter Word. During the interview, Jericho stated that people cannot request to be placed on the list. Jericho performed a song about how it is not wise to ask to have your name added to the list.

Jericho noted that he never knew what catchphrase was going to connect with the crowd. He thought the phrase “razzle-dazzle” was going to be a hit, but it failed miserably the couple of times he tried using it. Jericho also said that he thought “get it? got it? good!” would catch on with the crowd but that didn’t work either.