The MLW Fusion Report: May 18, 2018

We’re one week away from Shane “Swerve” Strickland’s first World Title defense on MLW Fusion. The question is, will it be Pentagon, Jr. or his brother Rey Fenix? Pentagon’s red mist attack on Swerve last week forced MLW officials to strip him of his title shot and put it on the line in a re-match between the two luchadores. We’ll find out who’ll be the #1 contender tonight.

We start with a video recap showing how this week’s main event came to fruition. Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcome us to the show and update us on the condition of Swerve, which includes seeing eyes specialists at John Hopkins University.

Kotto Brazil vs. Trey Miguel

Winner: Trey Miguel after a jumping double knee smash from the top rope.


  • Miguel’s nickname is the “Fresh Prince of Mid-Air.” That’s pretty creative.
  • This was a cruiserweight match with action so quick that it was hard to keep up.
  • There were some pretty innovative spots, including a running Sliced Bread #2 from Brazil and a corner 619 from Miguel with Brazil’s head tucked into the top turnbuckle. I’m looking forward to seeing these two in action again.

They play a tape of an interview that Rich Bocchini had earlier in the week with Salina de la Renta from her palatial estate. She’s very arrogant and clearly likes the smell of her own s—. The interview ends when she pushes Bocchini in the pool.

That interview is immediately followed by another one backstage with de la Renta. This time the person holding the mic is Andrea Ocampo. De la Renta announces that she’s signed both Pentagon and Fenix, meaning that she’s guaranteed to get the MLW World Title in her faction.

We get a recap of last week’s main event between Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela and the post-match beatdown outside the arena by Team Filthy on Havoc. A camera walks up to a jacuzzi occupied by Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch. They say that Havoc deserved a beating and aren’t worried about the repercussions. After seeing some of Havoc’s handiwork, I’d be worried. Maybe when he’s done with them, they’ll be less sensitive to people bumping into them.

The Dirty Blondes vs. Team TBD in an Elimination Match

Winner: The Dirty Blondes

Order of Elimination

  • First Elimination: Michael Patrick pinned Jimmy Yuta after Yuta landed a diving crossbody but Patrick rolled through and grabbed the tights for the three count.
  • Second Elimination: Jason Cade pinned Michael Patrick with Black Magic (backslide driver).
  • Final Elimination: Brien pinned Cade after the ref was distracted and the Blondes hit an illegal double Alabama Slam.

After the match, Cade pushes Yuta away from him. They argue backstage. Ocampo interviews them. Yuta says they’re going to win the Tag Title tournament. Considering Cade’s attitude after losing the match and in an inset promo where he called himself the “captain” of the team, I smell a heel turn.

Swerve is interviewed by Ocampo. She asks how he’s recovering from the red mist attack. He says he doesn’t believe that Pentagon has zero fear. Furthermore, Pentagon can take his arms, his legs, or even his head; Pentagon still can’t take his heart. I don’t know, Swerve. If you lose all those body parts, Pentagon can pretty much take whatever he wants.

Pentagon, Jr. vs. Rey Fenix to become the #1 Contender to the MLW World Title

Winner: Pentagon, Jr. after hitting the Fear Factor


  • Another excellent main event between the two brothers.
  • Pentagon is so good with the crowd and they love him. Out of all the wrestlers I’ve seen on Fusion so far, I think Pentagon is the biggest star.

We get some replays of the match, an announcement of next week’s World Title match, and go off the air.

Final Thoughts

  • The wrestling on this week’s show was exceptional from start to finish.
  • I’m not a big fan of Swerve, especially on the mic. I believe the word “painful” can describe this week’s interview.
  • After the first five episodes of Fusion, I have to say that it is SO MUCH easier to watch than Raw or Smackdown. I know Fusion is only an hour long compared to three hours on Monday and two hours on Tuesday, but still, MLW is entertaining from start to finish while Raw and Smackdown drag. Fusion lives up to its name with a variation of fighting styles. Plus, no two matches each week are the same. In WWE, I feel like if I watch one match on the show then I’ve seen all of them. You know when a rest spot is coming, you know when they’re going to commercial, and you know when the finish is coming. Predictability isn’t always bad, but it certainly isn’t always good, either. MLW keeps me engaged and interested for its entirety.

That’s it for this week. Next week, Pentagon will finally challenge Swerve for the World Title and I certainly hope we see a champion with “Cero Miedo.” Follow me on Twitter (@CliffofDoom). Have a good week!

Watch this week’s episode of MLW FUSION below: