Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Day Slams WWE Creative’s Ideas For Their Faction Name

WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods revealed some interesting details about how WWE decided on calling their faction, The New Day.

‘The New Day: Feel The Power’ is now on the second episode. The group ran down the ‘list’ of potential names that they could have been called originally and were given by WWE creative, some of which they found completely ridiculous.

The Tribe!? – The New Day

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Some of the names included Healing Through Harmony, The Tribe (which they completely lambasted for racial reasons) and The Commotions.

Kingston stopped whilst going through the list and names and said “it’s one thing to have the thought and to put it on a piece of paper. But to actually like submit it as a possible name…like this is our likelihood man.”

The Modern Marvels

Xavier the chimed in and said that a terrible stable name would’ve likely been the end of his WWE career. “Let us recap, y’all were both set. If [it didn’t work out] you (Big E) would’ve gone to NXT and Kofi would’ve stayed on the main roster, I’d of got fired. I’ve we were called THE MODERN MARVELS, I would’ve been gone.”

Big E also had some comments regarding the list, mentioning his most memorable name. “The one I didn’t need to check an old email to see was…KBX.” Woods then said “Let’s break that down. Kofi starts with a K, Xavier starts with an X and your first name…” Big E then replied “is Big?”

More Bad Name Suggestions for New Day

The guys rattled off a long list of names that WWE pitched them for their group. Some of the “highlights” include:

  • The Beat
  • The Tribe
  • Perfect Harmony
  • Healing Through Harmony
  • The Wonders
  • The Miracles
  • The Sensations
  • The Modern Marvels
  • Vibe And Vision
  • The Commotions
  • Harmony’s Three
  • Trillogy
  • Triverse
  • KBX (Kofi, Big E, Xavier)
  • The House Of Light
  • The Triumph
  • The Beacon
  • New City
  • The Cause
  • The Voice
  • The Regulators
  • House Of Positive Energy (H.O.P.E.)
  • House Of Purpose
  • The Calling
  • Voices Of Triumph
  • The Prime
  • The Charge
  • The Reach
  • The Concept
  • The Achievers
  • The Sentinels
  • Genesis
  • Born Again
  • Revelation
  • Nation Of Salvation
  • The Congregation
  • The Advent
  • Trinity
  • Crusaders
  • Exodus
  • Redeemers
  • Almighty
  • Modern Day Saints
  • The Sainthood
  • The A-Men
  • Brothers Of Xavier
  • Saving Our Souls
  • Million Man Ministry
  • Resurrection
  • Penance

The guys pitched three of their own ideas: By Any Means Necessary, New Way and New Day, which they ultimately went with.

Submission Sorority & PCB

The New Day also mocked names that WWE creative came up for two women’s factions.

“We wouldn’t have lasted five years with a name like that, I wipe my cheeks with that name” Big E said of the Submission Sorority. “In fact you can actually customize toilet paper…I should customize toilet paper with KBX on each sheet. This harkens back to Paige’s group’s name, the Submission Sorority.”

Xavier Woods then discussed the ‘copyright’ issues surrounding that name, PCB stable, which consisted of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and the since-retired Paige. Woods said, “for one that’s already copyright-ten, and two, that’s not something that WWE can co-sign on.”

Big E then chimed back in, saying “so, we can’t use that name, we have Paige, we have Charlotte, we have Becky…let’s refer to them as PCB! Oooooh we did it!.”

WWE’s The New Day: Feel The Power podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and all other notable podcast hosts.

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