The Revival Aim To Prove Themselves To Vince McMahon

In a backstage interview, The Revival has made their intentions clear: they want to prove to Vince McMahon that they are the best tag team in WWE.

The Revival
The Revival

The Revival is committed to proving that they are the best tag team on WWE’s roster.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were able to pick up a victory over RAW newcomers, The Usos, this past Monday.

In a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley, the pair discussed their rivalry with The Usos, calling them immature and childish, before declaring their ambitions to prove themselves as the absolute best.

“What momentum exactly are you talking about? Taking videos of us shaving each other’s backs or putting Uce-Hot in our trunks, or basically trying to make a mockery out of The Revival? We had nothing but respect for The Usos coming into this, nothing but respect, but they want to do that, they want to play childish games. That’s what they want to do, that’s how they want to handle this? I don’t see the momentum,” Wilder said.

“Yeah, no momentum,” Dawson added. “They’re immature. We had our perception of The Usos, and our perception was completely crushed. We were looking forward to this because we wanted to prove to The Usos, to each other, to the WWE Universe, and to the man, the big man in the office, that we are the absolute best tag team he’s got on this roster.”

Given their victory, the team would claim that they got the last laugh over the Usos before Wilder signed off, saying “So I guess, Usos, the joke’s on you now. Top guys out.”

Prior to this, The Revival would play victim to several pranks at the hands of Jimmy and Jey Uso as the two debuted on Monday Night RAW after the Superstar Shake-Up.