The Revival Open Up About Their WWE Run

The Revival has been through a number of ups and downs in WWE in recent months. In a recent interview, they discuss their recent run and how the company has utilized them.

The Revival
The Revival

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the Revival in recent weeks. The RAW tag team, comprised of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, have gone from allegedly requesting their releases, to winning the tag team championships, to losing them to the team of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Most recently, they were featured on RAW as the victims of a prank that saw the Usos sneak “Ucey Hot” into their tights.

Speaking with The Sun, Dash and Wilder reflected on their journey in WWE and how they try to use these situations to “fuel” them going forward.

“We work great with chips on our shoulders. We work great being a-holes,” Wilder confessed. “That’s just something we’ve always used to fuel us and help us get where we wanted to go. We’re on the right trajectory.”

“We Had Some Unfortunate Incidents — Life Happens”

His partner, Dawson, added that “The experience in WWE has been exactly what you’ve watched – it’s been up and down. Going into our main roster debut, we were on a personal and creative high. But we had some unfortunate incidents – life happens. It’s what happens in this and any sport,” he said. “When we came in and beat The New Day, with that kind of reaction, maybe that boosted our ego a little too much. It was like someone said, ‘Settle down, let’s put that chip back on your shoulder.’”

They would end the interview discussing the quality of their actual matches.

“There’s good wrestling and there’s bad wrestling. What we do every night of the week is good wrestling – great wrestling if you ask me,” said Scott Dawson. ““Every night I lace up my boots up and I every night I take a breath and say, ‘It’s going to be a good match.’ With as much humility as I can muster up, there aren’t too many people who are as good as we are.”

Here’s hoping that the Revival can leverage their match quality with consistent character growth. Given the segments they have been appearing in recently, thanks to WWE Creative, we may be waiting a while.

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