The Revival Push For Return Of Classic WWE Tag Title Design

The Revival would like to see the tag title belt design revert to an old classic look.

The Revival Tag Titles

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder won the RAW tag-team championships on Monday by defeating Chad Gable & Bobby Roode. It was the team’s 4th attempt at winning the titles on WWE programming in recent weeks.

Since winning the titles, the Revival has taken to social media to lobby for the return of a classic-looking tag-team title belt design.

Wilder also had posted a photo of the classic tag titles he is referring to not long after winning the titles on Monday:

Tag Team Title Design

Last summer, the man responsible for designing the current WWE tag titles for RAW and Smackdown, Dave Millican, appeared on the Pancakes and PowerSlams podcast and spoke about the titles. According to Millican, he pleaded with WWE to not have to make the titles copper.

“The tag team titles, I begged them, please let me make them nickel,” said Millican. “Let me make them gold, let me make them silver and gold. Just don’t make me do copper and it just came down from the top that copper is what they wanted.”

“In particular, Stephanie McMahon really just wanted to do something different,” he continued. “They want to kind of reinvent the wheel every time, and something that is not used somewhere else, which is understandable. And so, when they bottom-lined it for me and said, ‘look, it’s gonna be copper,’ I was like okay, I can do copper.”

Here is Millican posting a pic of classic tag-team titles on Twitter: