The Stars Of NXT Seasons 1-4: Where Are They Now? user MAlsauce published a very interesting piece on Thursday – a “Where Are They Now?” look at the cast members of the first 4 seasons of the original WWE NXT show.  Here’s a look at which wrestlers went on to greatness – and which ones got Future Endeavored.

Season 1:

  • Daniel Bryan-World Champ, US Champ, Tag Team Champ.
  • Wade Barrett-IC Champ, Winner of S1, Leader of Nexus.
  • Skip Sheffield-Now under the Name “Ryback”.
  • Darren Young-In the team of the Prime Time Players.
  • Justin Gabriel-Tag Team Champion.
  • Heath Slater-Tag Team Champion, Leader of 3MB.
  • Michael Tarver-No Longer Employed.
  • David Otunga-(Real life Lawyer) Tag Team Champion.

Season 2:

  • Kaval-No Longer Employed. Winner of S2.
  • Michael McGillicutty-Now under the Name “Curtis Axel”, IC Champ, Tag Team Champ.
  • Percy Watson-No Longer Employed.
  • Lucky Cannon-No Longer Employed.
  • Eli Cottonwood-No Longer Employed.
  • Husky Harris-Now under the Name “Bray Wyatt”.
  • Alex Riley-Color Commentator of WWE Superstars.
  • Titus O’Neil-In the team of the Prime Time Players.

Season 3:

  • Kaitlyn-Divas Champion, winner of S3.
  • AJ-Now under the Name “AJ Lee”, Divas Champion, RAW GM.
  • Naomi-Affiliated with Brodus Clay as one of the Funkadactyls, co-star of Total Divas
  • Maxine-No Longer Employed.
  • Jamie-No Longer Employed.
  • Aksana-Still Employed, butnot doing much.

Season 4:

  • Byron Saxton-NXT Commentator and Ring Announcer.
  • Johnny Curtis-Now under the Name “Fandango”, Winner of S4.
  • Conor O’Brian-In NXT Developmental.
  • Derrick Bateman-No Longer Employed.
  • Brodus Clay-In the team of Tons Of Funk.
  • Jacob Novak-No Longer Employed.

Numerical Statistics:

1 Contestant that became World Champion.

8 Contestants that became any Champion in the WWE.

5 Contestants that changed their Name.

9 Contestants No Longer Employed.

5 Contestants that are currently Faces in the WWE.

11 Contestants that are currently Heels in the WWE.

6 Contestants that competed at Wrestlemania.

0 Contestants that are currently in TNA. (I had to)