The Undertaker On How Vince McMahon Is In Real Life

The Undertaker discusses his relationship with Vince McMahon

The Undertaker with Vince McMahon
The Undertaker with Vince McMahon

There are a lot of stories about how Vince McMahon is in real life but if there is one person who knows the Boss up close and personal, then it’s the Undertaker. The Dead Man has been with WWE for 3 decades now and in the time he has developed a relationship with the boss which only a few stars have developed in the history of the company.

During a recent interview with The Bill Simmons podcast, Taker talked about the Boss and revealed how Mr McMahon is in real life. He was talking about his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 where Undertaker suffered a concussion. The Last Outlaw was taken to the hospital after the bout and he revealed that Vince left the show to go with him:

“I don’t remember doing any of this but I cut a promo on him like ‘Don’t you have a show to run? Why are you here? Most people think he’s this tyrant, but you really only get to see it if you’re close to him, he’s just such a giving person. He’s a really kind giving person, he knows how to run business obviously, but for years all the charities we worked with there was no publicity about any of it.

“We worked with Make A Wish for years and you never heard a word about it because that’s not what he was about.” said Undertaker. “Tribute to the Troops, every year whether it was Iraq or Afghanistan, he was on that plane with us. I don’t think people realize what a big heart he has and how much he cares about the people around him.”

The Undertaker also talked about a potential retirement for the chairman saying that McMahon loves the product and he loves working out. Taker mentioned how Mr. McMahon’s mother is 99 years old and she played tennis when she was 97. He then said that he hopes that nobody is waiting to take over Vince’s position because he will be there for long and the Dead Man claimed that McMahon will outlive him.

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