The Undertaker Recalls Dangerous Moment Atop Hell In A Cell

The Undertaker recently spoke to regarding the 20th anniversary of his Hell in a Cell match with Mick Foley. During the interview, Taker recalled just how much worse Foley’s second fall from atop the cage could have been.

Foley’s second fall was not planned and happened when the panel atop the cage gave way after Taker chokeslammed Foley onto it. According to Taker, he almost ended up falling through the cell roof as well.

Undertaker on Hell In A Cell 1998

“That could have been catastrophic,” Taker said. “I stepped off of the panel and onto the support bars. If I hadn’t had done that, we would have both gone through that together. So if you could imagine, if I had stayed on that panel, my weight would have probably been on him too. And then what happens? It’s a scary thought.”

Taker also mentioned he wrestled the match with a fractured ankle. Just getting to the top of the cage proved challenging.

“To be completely honest, I was like ‘crap, am I gonna be able to get up there?’ The answer was yes because I would have got up there. I don’t care how but I would have got up there. It was definitely an exciting way to start out a Hell in a Cell match, to start out on top.”

The entire interview can be viewed here. 

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